Finished You can delete it

Someone helped me and Its cleared :smiley:


So you don’t want help?

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Yes I want help xD
It would be really Nice if someone would help me :DD

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I don’t see a link I might just be blind though, which I know I am deaf and have lost both my arms and am missing my left lung during the time I made this comment.

Ok here it is :smiley:

Ah yes, thank

Try setting the velocity To forward instead of x axis.

Thx you´re a legend :smiley:

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Your welcome if you need any help in the future don’t hesitate to message me.

thx ;D (but now Im lost and Idk how to delet it xD)

Delete what? @C4llM3Zky3

the post/topic i mean Its cleared xD

For some reason you actually can’t just edit the tile and put resolved in parentheses

not a very good substitute, maybe teaching them why or at least teach them how to use the x-axis? It’s a lot more useful than the forward input.

It actually is because when the object toggles it will also make it go the other direction if it’s going forward. If the object is going on the x-axis it will not make it go the other want unless you make the number change to negative.

Not true, if you use the flip behavior, you can give them both the same number. But x helps better with other things like boosts or conveyors. Just suggesting to teach them that because now they might wanna know how to do that with other things, but without changing the forward direction or flipping it. That’s all I was suggesting :no_mouth: