First person Atari/NES style space shooter example
click the blue tab to play it, I decided to think outside the box today :slight_smile:
move with the arrows and spacebar to shoot

nice! very clever :slight_smile:

Nice thinking - cool space blaster!


I could do so much more with this, as in backing up and the enemies shrink, or the enemies emit lasers that get huge and take 2 seconds for the toggle to switch to send a message to detect how close the laser is for it to effect your HP, then it drops alpha if nothing happens. I could recreate that old starwars shooter, but I just wanted to show what people can do besides point and click or platformers and RPGs :slight_smile:

STAR WARS! Plz do that!

I’m too busy with my game series and YouTube account. I only do these examples because I need an ADHD break and do something else for a bit. :slight_smile:

LOL! I just can’t wait to finish my game… It’s hard designing games!