First procedurally generated game on flowlab (that i know of)

Can I get A Pog

  • Not fully done running out of fuel dosn’t kill you or send u back to the surface (using ur money to refuel)

  • LAGGGGGGYY do a height of 17 then go more if u wish


If you have any ideas for optimizations or ideas in general plz tell!

This is a pretty cool game. Reminds me of Reach The Core on coolmath, lol.
Here is a game I was working on and I started random generation for the map. Since its a terraria based game.

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@cailem There are actually a few Randomly generated game bases on here but yours is really impressive and can be played with, awesome work, randomly generated games are not easy to make!


Very well done! This is a great start. I sincerely hope you keep working on this and make a fleshed out game with it. This is an idea that has been attempted by many on the site but few really stuck the landing. You, my friend, are sticking the landing :smiley:

Nice work @cailem - I like the concept and execution so far.

Regarding lag: as usual, the culprit is Proximity checks. I’ve been considering modifying the way proximity checks work, since they are the main cause of lag by far. Proximity checks are not very fast, and there are lots of them in your game running every frame.

If the Proximity checks get changed in the next update, that may be a potential fix. Alternately, you could find another way to handle the logic you are using Proximity checks for right now.


Raycasts could work maybe

whats the best alternative rays or a position calculator (i was using ray casts earlier and changed to proximity thinking it would be better but i can switch back) also as a moderator can u add a feature to send a message to last interacted object for instance shoot a ray cast then tell that object to destroy. because right now i could make it so that all the blocks shoot rays and check if it hits the player



@_GAMOOG you’ve been here for a while, so you should already know that reviving dead topics isn’t cool. Please don’t do this again.

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