Fish Invades Flowlab games

Hello people of flowlab I am here to inform you that this mysterious fish is entering flowlab games and investigating be on the lookout.Screenshot_47

This is lit. You should get the developers of these games to hide this fish in their games.

fish~chan UwU

@TheForgotten you cant fool me,you edited these games and put the fish in

A lot of those developers are not on anymore, sadly.

@rcreger that was random

What was? The fish, or me saying those developers aren’t on anymore? I was saying since they aren’t, and trying to contact them would be in vein @“Johnny boy” .

fish ranfdm game

I found it in your game @“Johnny boy” it’s a real problem.

My game can’t be entered by no fish. Only turtles have that power.

And here’s another one:
fish is everwhere

No… At least A Little Evil and A Box(in development) incorruptible! Well, A Box is still being made, leaving it vulnerable, but it is strong! Come one people, stay strong! We must ask the first question: Why are they here? What do they want?

your games are not invincible all these fishes are insane hackersoh look another fish

What do they want? What do they need?

@“Mr. Cheese” do you like my game?

it smells fishy…

I haven’t seen you guys on FlowLab Forums before @“Mr. Cheese” @tropickiki123 and @TheForgotten , but you’re obviously not new since you know your way around.

@rcreger Yea my account older than yours. Joined August 2017

November 2018. I’m just surprised I haven’t seen you once.

I’m not that active on the forums… Anyway can you add this fish somewhere in your game. We need to get people to hid this in there games.

I’m a sexy beast