[FIXED] Android exporter is down

My android exporter for SB2ME keeps failing


I fixed the issue and restarted the build - it should be good to go now.


Ended up with this error message when trying to upload the file to google. I’ve never seen it before. “Your APK is using permissions that require a privacy policy: (android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE). Learn More”

Hrm, this looks like something AdMob has added. Let me see if I can disable that.

Ok, I made a change to the app build that should eliminate that error. I just restarted the SB2ME android build, so once that completes you can try to resubmit.

The new build is done, so it should be good to go - let me know if you have more issues.

@grazer this message
“You need to use a different version code for your APK because you already have one with version code 7.”

Nevermind, apparently it works if I start it myself

No, it’s random.

I sometimes end up getting the same version code

I couldn’t find a problem here, but I made a change to make sure that the version code will always get incremented.

@grazer… do you mind rebuilding the IOS app using IMG_0448

Or do I need a UDID

I can rebuild, but I need your UDID if you want to be able to install it on your device

If that’s the case

@grazer got it

@grazer it says IOS exporter failed

@grazer the game crashes when I try to start a round. And sometimes doesn’t even start.

Mostly when I change levels

Yeah, I saw that - it is running out of memory. I’m trying to figure out why right now.


Use this one instead of the other one if you rebuild- the current one looks distorted

@grazer how is the iPhone exporter version coming