[FIXED] Exports unavailable due to hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally is currently wrecking and flooding Pensacola, FL, where the build/export servers (and me) are located. Due to power outages, game exports are currently not being processed.

When power is restored, exports will begin processing again and any waiting exports will be run.

Also, my house is without power or internet, so I may not be very responsive until we get power again.


Ok @grazer thanks for letting us know!


I hope you get power again @grazer so you can cook and cool your food and stuff unless you have a gas stove then your Gucci. But still about the fridge any way stay safe and i hope you get out of the storm.

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this is why we dont vote for idiots who defy climate change :unamused:

Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for telling us! I hope you get power soon. Thank you for starting my Game Dev Hobby.

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Oh oh,
Hope you make it through it safely

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I saw that coming, and tried to give you a heads up last week. Hopefully you’re doing alright out there. There’s a possibility that storm will hook around more, or the other two hurricanes will also come soon. Best to prepare food, water, and powerbanks for phones, just to be safe. I have a few power boxes, and a big battery for laptops, phones, and jumping cars, with my emergency kit. You literally never know if you’ll need them.

Thanks for letting us know, and stay safe

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Hey @grazer, (Sorry for tagging you) all I have to say is that I hope you have a decent amount of toilet paper, lol.

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How do we know that was climate change??? Hundreds of years ago there were still hurricanes. Not trying to argue… I do believe in climate change, but I don’t think that was it.

its not 100% climate chage its even hurricane season but 2020 is the hottest year since the early 19s the hotter it is the more hurricanes theyyl be its gotten so bad the new said soon theyll have to us the greek alphabet because of how many there where the wildfires are raging even though I live far Far away from there I could be seeing that haze soon thats how bad it is really

Ok, so this really is not the place to be discussing this, but I feel like I need to answer this.

Yes, hurricanes are normal in certain parts of the world, but not this frequent and not this strong. It’s why it’s called the Climate Crisis, it’s a chain reaction of extreme weather events.

I recently made a series that explains what is the Climate Crisis, what’s causing it, and how it’s connected to extreme weather events.
This specific post explains the chain: https://www.instagram.com/p/CECb_ZvJ8gJ/

And this American weather report explains really well how the chains work:
It is not normal to have extreme heat in one day, and snow in the day after.

Now, let’s keep this post related to what was being initially discussed. Thank you.

Sorry to hear that, grazer

2020 is the hottest year

Actually, it’s also the coldest, with record cold temperatures in summer, especially in May, and unusually early snowfall. The reason is likely due to the sun being in a dormant solar recession phase, being low in sun spots. The winter and summer phases seem to be out of place, and being warmer in the late winter to spring, and colder in the summer to fall. This environmental shift might be the reason that temperatures are so perfect for back-to-back hurricanes, after being delayed by those sandstorms. I’m no meteorologist, though. Just wanted to clear that up. Three storms just died off, but hurricane Teddy is still going strong and heading towards the United States, so grazer should still prepare for another impact.

Hope you’re safe @grazer
Btw, why did you choose that profile picture? It hardly seems… Well, respectable XD

Hey, just a quick update while I’m tethering my phone. I have power again, but no internet yet. My town was really wrecked, so I’m not sure when I’ll have internet access again - hopefully soon though!

@meburningslime - this was just a random pic I used to test Avatar uploading when I was making that feature, and now it’s kind of grown on me. Maybe I’ll change it though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the well wishes everyone, and thanks for the early warning Mhx - you did warn me it was coming.


Another update - internet is back on, and the builds are running again :tada:

It will probably be an hour or two before the queue is complete, and after that they should be exporting normally.

Thanks for your patience!