[FIXED] Game Nolonger Functions Like It Used To

Hi. I made my game “Project Light” about a year ago (if not more). When I finished all that needed to be worked on, the game functioned just fine.

After some time has passed it now seems that the game has a few problems that have stemmed out of nowhere. The text on the main screen now seems skewed to the right and worst of all, movements in any direction (using the arrow keys) now transport the character haphazardly all around the screen. There may be other issues as well, but this movement problem makes it impossible to tell what else has been affected.

I’ve tried to see if perhaps something in the game was accidentally deleted resulting in these effects, but have found absolutely nothing wrong with the coding. Is this perhaps a result of flowlab moving to newer versions? And if that is the case, is it possible for the game to become playable begin as it was in the older versions of flowlab?

Hope this was clear enough. Any advice is welcome.


Hey Bronze Sun,

Welcome back. I just checked out Project Light, and the movement does seem to be behaving strangely. I’ll look into it and let you know what I find.

Thanks a ton, man. Appreciate the help.

I think it’s just because flowlab is still in beta and is updating a lot. So it breaks a lot of games too. I think Grazer is the only one who can help you.

Gotcha. I hope he can fix it, because it is such a large and detailed game, perhaps it’s mere size alone is also a cause of issue.

Hey @BronzeSun - this was an easy fix for once. You were actually 100% correct that the problem was editor versions. You made this game using an old editor version, and the coordinate system has since changed. I have code in place to handle old coordinates, but it was misbehaving in a couple of places.

Anyway, it seems fixed up now - let me know if you have any other problems with it.

Thanks again Grazer. It seems to be all fixed up.