[fixed] HELP!!

every time I try to play one of my games, my screen always turns white… It took a long time to make it, an i really need it to a school project… so could anyone take a look?
game link:http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/350301
PS: ignore the giant nicolas cage…


IDK, that is really weird… @grazer @jngthree But i like your graphics style. I can get into the Editor but not the actual game.

Also, is that a Nazi Flag??
Just Curious

My guess is an object has a once attached to a next-level . Making it go to the next level thats solid white

I see a health bar in the corner… is it blue?

Its not a naziflag… its a red flag with a blue smiley… *laughing emoji

yeah the healthcare is blue @Tommyx2x14

health bar*

Alright, then it must be loading, maybe all of the textures are glitching out? You might want to make all of the textures over again, that might make it work. The textures probably just aren’t loading, it happens to me sometimes when i make animations for my characters.

The game seems to just turn white because it is restarting over and over again in a loop:


If you disconnect that “restart game” behavior, it works fine :smile: