[fixed] Please fix!!!!

I’ve be working on this game for almost a year. Can you please fix these bugs. #1 The sun and moon cycle is not working #2 My character (his name is bob) is moving to fast #3 My behavers are gone but they are still working.


P.S Sorry for the spelling.

Here is the link to my game


Hey Jojo,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble.

  1. I’m not sure how the sun and moon cycle are supposed to work, I need a few more details there.
  2. Bob is moving fast because the key triggers are set to repeat, and constantly increasing his speed. You should try just setting his velocity directly instead of motors.
  3. I see Bob’s behaviors - which ones are missing?
  1. kind of like minecraft it supposed to go back and forth but instead it go’s to moon and stops there.

  2. I’ve figured this one out but the behaviors are still missing

  3. The ship control and the zombie’s follow.

For Bob’s missing behaviors, try zooming all the way out and Iooking up and to the left - I see the ship controller bundle there.

Thanks I’ve fixed all the problem’s. But there is a new problem it wan’t let me save.

Editor saves or the in game save

It says in game saving is locked

you arent logged in then
or its not your game

But i am logged in i think it’s a bug douse any one else have this problem.

I havent had that problem

Is there any way to fix this problem.

I’ve fixed it thanks for all you help.