[fixed] Why does it take so long to convert to mobile?

I have created a game for school and I am being graded on my effort and participation, etc. I am finished with it, and I want it on mobile. However, the conversion from PC to mobile takes so long, I just don’t know what to do with myself! Is there a reason for why it takes so long, and can I speed it up?

It takes quite a while for a reason, it has to make sure that everything is spot on precise.

The progress is kept online, so you can track it on a mobile device.

It is highly recommended to do at night, when you are least active

Do I need to leave flowlab open? Because I left it going last night (not on the tab) and in the morning (and at 1:30 pm) it still wasn’t done.

You dont

Okay, so why does it take so long? I actually had a game that had about 8 levels that converted to mobile within 10 minutes, but the game I’m having problems with is still loading. I recreated it and started it again, but its not done.


Hey 1jbwestgate, there was a stalled build in the queue that was blocking the builds from processing, but it has been sorted out. Anything you started should be done by now, and normally the process takes less than an hour. You do not need to leave the page open, or anything like that.

this is exactly what is happening to my game Buckets

Hey, the build queue was stuck - it’s moving again so the builds should all be complete.

mine’s seems to be doing that too… shick…