Flash refuses to work on Wix

I’ll make this quick @grazer :

I’m trying to embed a Flowlab game on wix.com yet the game doesn’t load. Just the “Made with Flowlab” at the bottom. I tried embedding the entire page and flash still didn’t load! Wix acccepts literally the same embed code Flowlab uses as well!

If you could, could you find a way to get Flash to run on Wix, or add a different type of embed?

There HAS to be someway to force flash to run!


Hey @Crigence - I’m not sure how to get Flash working on Wix. This has come up before, and I believe that some people have gotten it working. Maybe search the forum history for Wix to see if there are instructions?

@grazer I’ve searched around wix shortly after posting this discussion and i HAVE found something that would work:

Apparently, Wix accepts SWF files! I gave it a quick Google search and found this:

“SWF files are commonly used to bring animated graphics, video, and sound to the web. They are also a popular means of delivering browser-based games. Because SWF files contain compiled ActionScript and compressed media, they are not meant to be edited.”

I don’t know much about coding, but it sounds like something Flowlab might be able to create as a export option! You can look into that if you want.

Meanwhile, i’m going to keep trying to solve this problem in other ways!

Nevermind, apparently wix already said this would happen in their help section:

“The HTML element and embed a site element in our Editor are iFrames. Therefore, the code or site you are embedding wont be responsive, even if it is originally.”

It saids only a SANDBOXED Iframe blocks that sort of stuff though. I don’t know what a unsandboxed Iframe means, but i’m letting you know.

I found that you need to manually enable flash for the site, because otherwise it wont prompt you.

But my site is much older and may not be the same

I already did that before EVERY test, still didn’t work.

Hey @Crigence - maybe it would be better to wait for the next release, and use the HTML5 version. Flash is going to be getting phased out pretty soon anyway.

Well, i added “v=html” to the embed link and it still didn’t work. But ok!

You may want to change providers

What if flowlab allowed indie+ users to create a single webpage, that allowed us to make simple stuff like this.

Hey @Crigence, I don’t think that html is enabled for embedded games yet, but I can turn that on in the next release.

@CrimsonBlackGames - I had been wondering if people would want to have an http://itch.io style set of page options for their game page. It would not be too crazy to let Indie users set up their own page styles/colors/layout/etc instead of everyone having the same Flowlab layout for their game.

Maybe I should do a poll to see how much interest this would get?

@grazer duuuuuuuuuude

@CrimsonBlackGames - is that a “Duuuuuuude, that’s a great idea and probably everyone would love it”, or “Duuuuuuude, that’s a waste of time that could be better spent fixing up engine glitches and finally adding other features that people have been waiting on since forever”?