Flide for Flowlab - By Rezarg (v1.5.4 First Public Release)

Flide is a tool for Flowlab that allows users to code in a programming language called “FLScript”. It can provide a more comfortable environment for users more familiar with text-based programming.

I’ve been working on this project for over 6 months and finally published the first public build release. You can find the download, as well as more information regarding Flide, here, on the official Discord server:

As a proof of concept, I am currently working on a small project on Flowlab, making the code ONLY using Flide, to show it works as intended.

Unfortunately, not every Flowlab behavior is supported by Flide. For a list of unsupported behaviors, please check the #unsupported-behaviors channel on the Discord server. Also, if there is an unsupported behavior you’d like to be added sooner, you can put in a request for it to be added via the #requests-and-bugs forums on the Discord server.

If you have any questions regarding Flide, feel free to ask me either by replying to this post or asking on the Flide Discord server.


This is really incredible work, seriously. Definitely create a video demo for us sometime!


I think this is very cool and amazing on a technical level! I’d also be interested in seeing a demo to get a better idea of how it works with the Flowlab editor.


Sorry for the revive, I really am. I just need to ask a question, you said you were making a small project using Flide and it’s already May 2024 since you’ve said that. Is it done? If so, can we see it? Or have people seen it already exclusive to the Discord?

Again, sorry for the revive.


Reviving is perfectly fine in this context, because you’re asking a meaningful question that actually relates to the topic


Wait a sec- how does this work? Is it a behavior or is it like a hack/mod for the site?

I think it’ll have you type in FLScript and then turn into the copy-paste Flowlab code. I haven’t used it because Discord is blocked on school laptop.


Oh, so its, its own app? That makes more sense.

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No worries, as Braden said, sometimes it’s great to revive topics! If anyone here needs to contact me regarding anything, please DM me on Discord at rezarg as I’m not very active on the forums, so it might take a long time for me to get back to you… Anyways, as I said in the Flide server after this was brought to my attention;

I believe some people think I forgot all about it (proof of concept game made using Flide), but I promise I haven’t. However, I have put it off to work on Flide 2 and other things. Flide is very limited right now and I’d like to finish Flide 2 before making a full game using it, I apologize for the long wait, everyone…


Ah, I see! Alright, I just wanted to know if you finished it and all since I was really hyped to see what Flide can do. But I understand, as you said it is very limited right now so I will be patient.

edit: I forgot to mention I was the one that said that in the Flide server, I figured you might be more active there


As always if anyone wants any updates regarding Flide, make sure to join the official discord server: