Flip + Rotate = Upside down

Well this bug has always bothered me since I first started Flowlab, so I avoided it.
Now, I can’t avoid it anymore in the new version of the game.
Here’s how it works. You hold space to run, that’s great, you can make sprites to run.
What if you want to sprint and lean forwards? Either you make larger sprites, or you tilt your sprite.
I’m at the part where I rotate 20 degrees to look like I’m leaning forwards, but if I run left, the Flip
makes you run upside down. Try it @grazer. Hold right, then Space to run. Hold left, then Space to run.
The flip doesn’t flip the rotate angle, so you have to hit space again, but that’s okay for me, with my plans.
What bothers me is running upside down. I can’t avoid it.
I made this as a direct example.

Also, I can’t seem to fall between 2 blocks anymore.

yikes! thanks for the detailed example - that’s definitely a bug :slight_smile:

The upside-down sprite will be fixed with the next deploy, I’ll respond here to let you know when it’s fixed.

Falling between two blocks may be a bit trickier. Here’s what is going on there:

Your player is slightly taller than one block, and using a circle collider. This means that the circle is slightly larger than the size of one grid, so it won’t slide between two of them. You have two short term options I can see:

  1. Use a rectangle collider, so your player’s collision area will be tall and skinny to match the sprite. This may have other gameplay implications, since the collider will have a flat bottom and sharp corners, but it would probably be fine.

  2. Make the sprite the size of one grid (or smaller). This is lame because it would ruin the look of your sprite, but would also fix the issue.

In the long run, there will be some more fine-grained collision control, but that will come after the current update I have in the works.

Alright, so for now I just make it rectangular. I’ll see how it messes with the gameplay. Did you try the ramps concept? I only spent a few hours on this example, so it in no way displays the final gameplay.

I like the ramps Mhx, awesome. I can also see them being used for a car game.

Well if you are a Circle, you can wedge up 1/4 blocks, so I’m working on a sequence of 1/8 blocks to make a more Sonic hills style map system. The ramps aren’t solid because of this, they are going to be left like they were meant to walk around. I’m also working on the Booster Rings that you move through, if you haven’t gotten to the Portal looking concept one in the Test Stage.
I’m going to make a Randomizer to give a different trick for each ramp.

I also added a 2nd burst of Breakspeed.

Hey @grazer I just noticed that once I put the Skid animation into a bundle, it stopped working. Why is that?

ramps r coolio

@bopbop look at the date this is from 2014 stop commenting on dead discussions it pushes back new discussions to the bottom