FLOW update log: Beta announcement!

I will post updates of my level creator FLOW, here
if you find any bugs please tell me
and the same goes for suggestions and requests

play it here > https://flowlab.io/game/play/1498932
(read the description of the game please!)

the latest update will be shown on here the rest will be kept in replies

the latest update should be shown below if not look in replies

Introducing: the FLOW Beta

FLOW is getting a beta! what is it for? well let me explain
there are 3 (main) versions of FLOW.

  1. FLOW Official

  2. FLOW Beta

  3. FLOW Experimental

first up is FLOW Official
now FLOW Official is the regular version its the official version so it will stay relatively the same until an update becomes ready for it to be updated (besides things like smaller bug fixes).

second is FLOW Beta
now FLOW Beta is a Beta version where you can use features from
future updates not yet in the official version but there is a much higher chance of there being alot more bugs and things being glitchy or not working properly and this version will likely get updated more often so we can get it ready for the official release

Finally the last one, FLOW Experimental
FLOW Experimental is a version of the game not out to the public (maybe i’ll change that in the future) because it is for just trying to implement and think of new features and would be way to buggy and glitchy or even work properly.

So this is how the system goes
FLOW Experimental > FLOW Beta > FLOW Official

I might talk about them more in a future post

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1st update!

  • more items
  • a player and enemy object
  • controls notifier
  • fixed click and drag bugs
  • a play button
  • another block that you can use click and drag on

if you find any bugs or things I should add tell me!

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to make ur grass be dirt when under another grass, do this (the animation is a single frame of ur dirt texture)

in the second one im showing you the raycast settings.


I have found a bug: when i use the eraser object it won’t let me go back to build mode it will leave me with erase mode even when a press a button it won’t work
pls fix this


are you sure? Ive tested it and nothing like that came up

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update 2

  • an item Block (currently does nothing)
  • the play button now works properly
  • started working on power ups
  • added borders

known bugs:

  • player and enemy object effected by gravity while editing (no known fix)
  • when using click and drag to spawn objects it will sometimes continue spawning (a problem with the behavior itself so until it is fixed this will stay)

working on:

  • power ups
  • more objects
  • different themes

thank you for reading! make sure to go out and test out the new features, and remember if you found any bugs or have any suggestions please tell me


Make It Where You Can Only Spawn 1 Player

btw, Play Button Does’nt Work Once You PLace An Object

Oh its fixed my computer just got laggy for some reason and the lag is gone

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update 3: banana time


  • banana power up
  • banana can be put in item block

about the banana:

Watch out! You better be hiding when its banana time, cause this banana doesnt like to split!
Touch the banana to get this power up.
Press C to throw some of your banana-rangs.
These banana-rangs are said to be solid as steel and sharp as sword.
You may be tough! But getting hit by an enemy will take away your banana abilities, so be careful.

Well what do you think of this update? do you like it? do you hate it?
make sure to tell me how I can improve.
Remember i’m always open to feedback and suggestions.

Now make sure to go out and test the new features!


Wow! Like The Update!

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Thank you! (20 characters)

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I Started Making One To! Link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1515966

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(No Erase Button Yet)

(There Is A Erase Button Now (Reload Page))
[To Activate Press E]

Great job! I really like the camera you’ve done! If you need any help feel free to ask me.

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Ok (20202020202020202)

Some Objects Are Not Done Yet Or Not Made

I have an update idea!!

What about backrounds and Interactive objects?

ill see what I can do!

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