Flowidia Part 2!

Flowidia Part 2 is complete!!! If your thinking ehhh, well don’t worry, it is much better then 1, with five larger and harder levels, along with secrets around the map. It is an adventure game with a bit of puzzle to it, please do enjoy!!!
Flowidia Part Two:(Please read description for need to know)

Please Post feedback so I know ways I could possibly improve the game, including balancing or just a new feature(I only have 1 sprite left so I can’t add too much more)


Anyone want an impossible challenge ontop of this game or any others? If you have a phone find someway to type and click wasd, makes the game 100 X harder! :rofl:

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Protip: if you want better fullscreen, change the fullscreen type to “letterbox”. This will make the game actually fill the screen instead of just being normal sized with black all around it.

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So I have fixed the fullscreen issue, also added visible health count instead of guessing your one shot each time, also helps you know about one secret on final level! Other then that I just wanted to say something again so this might pop up for people, also has anyone completed the game or maybe some levels atleast, let me know your opinion!