Flowjam 2020 Aftermath: Creating The Mending

Flowjam is mainly over. The Winner is yet to be announced. So I was hoping I could develop a top down Horror Game about anything. I run Crossed Sword Games and would be happy with working with anyone else in this - especially experienced players. If you have a free account no fear! Upload the Images Here and I can add them. I am at an adequate at art and code and have a common level of skill at both. Whatever your seperate game companies are, it will be added as co-creator. If you can’t do it now i’d be more than happy to start it and wait while you are ready. The Flowjam is nit technically over, and I think everyone deserves a break if needed.

i know right? can you link the mending plz?

srry i was gone i forgot my password.

we should keep classes they have unique abilitys
(not a good speller srry) also can someone link it again plz?

@witherdragon4 I agree and welcome back it has been some time!

@meburningslime @praisetheyuppee @ShadowAxeKid …anyone?

@“The Kodex” I’m planning to get indie and I was wondering if I could join your team.

I have some time off this week anything that needs to be done I can probably help with.

he’s sure

I can’t make it with you but I can give you ideas have you started? if not what kind of horror game do you want to make? jump scares,5 nights at freddy’s style, or just straight up creepy?



Sorry, Yes, I’ll put it on here and add you. It’s a top-down survival game in which you have to survive from a vicious beast for as long as you can.

I have nit begun it yet but here it is:


@meburningslime accept pending invitation to Crossed Sword Games


Sorry! Forgot to put “Team Access” You can edit now!

:confused: ok

hi kodex is this what you posted on my wall?

hi The Kodex i have an idea what if we make a game where your in a hospital at 12 to 7 being chased by a mutant that looks like it has 600 sharp teeth black eyes with red dots in the middle, has 10 legs with blood on the tip of the legs human torso and a clown head. sound scary enough?

Yeah, We can try to do that. You can edit too. P.s game looks good so far!