Flowjam 2021-Astrofarm

the idea is simple, it fuses a shoot em up with a farming game. shoot down the pesky crows to protect your crops, try to sell as many crops and meat as you can until the time runs out, pay people to sort through the healthy and dead crops, and gun down wolves in the void of space.
if I win this flowjam I will literally breathe oxygen

Im confused do the crop grow?

to be more specific: crops grow over time, if the crows reach the crops they will ruin it
as the level progresses buyers will visit your farm and the amount they pay you is based on the state of the crop, this is where hiring people can come in, what they do is that between levels you can spend your money, hire the guy named sorter and depending on how much you paid to hire him the more accurate he will become with sorting out the healthy and dead crops

k that makes more sence