Flowjam 2021 Entries are officially closed! 🔒

The entries are closed and all the games are in. I haven’t played most of them yet, but there are some great looking entries once again. A huge thank you to everyone who entered, and good luck :slight_smile:

You can play them all here:


If you entered a game, you can also rate the entries - so please do, your ratings will determine the winner!


Aha I knew it boiz!

Good luck to you all, may the best game win
Please don’t vote better or worse based off the person who made it
And Thanks @grazer for hosting this wonderful Community Competition


it begins

Good luck everyone!


I’m not gonna lie, there are so many great entries this year. I have literally no idea who will win. Good luck everyone!


Jr or pizza will
If he doesn’t you have legal permission to sue me.
Actually don’t I’m poor :frowning:
I’ve seen some of the posts for flowjam games and they look great

@grazer how long do we have to vote? and if we don’t get to a game is it a wash or does it count as a 0 star for that person?

If you don’t vote then it doesn’t count as 0 stars, it counts as no vote.

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Pizza’s not in this jam… and I actually think Growth of Winter and Losing Lotus has a pretty good shot as well. Maybe even more so than me.

Only the ratings that are given count, missing ratings do not count against a game - but they do mean that the ratings that it does receive count more. For example, if a game only has a single “Fun” rating of 5 stars, then it will end up with a 5 star rating. This means that it’s a good idea to rate as many games as you can so that every game has a good accumulation of ratings to average together.

I’ll probably leave the ratings open for a couple days to make sure everyone has a chance to rate. Once I see the ratings stop getting updated, I’ll close them out and announce a winner.


@grazer @MrMcMemerMan DOES NOT HAVE A PHONE NUMBER so he couldn’t submit!!!

Yeah, after scanning the forums I found out about MrMcMemerMan and I think that he should be able to submit. Which he is a pretty good friend, I doubt that he would be taking this time to continue working on his game, he just didn’t have a phone number.

The reason I missed the first to jams was because I didn’t know my address (plus I was a little concerned about giving away my location) and a phone number. Mainly because I was doing it in secret from my grandparents so I never actually asked if I could use theirs so I can understand what MrMcMemerMan is going through. Which if you deny him a chance to submit then I can’t really blame you since it is in the rules. But I just wanted to kind of back him up on this since I went through the same thing.

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@ManiacPumpkin, @meburningslime, and @MrMcMemerMan - I feel bad that you weren’t able to submit, but I think that bending the rules that far would not be fair to the other entrants. Lots of folks were staying up late trying to get their game done fixing bugs and cutting out crucial features to make it under the deadline. It just would not be fair to allow other games in the next day.

The other problem is that many people (30 so far) have already reviewed the games and submitted ratings. It’s too late to add new games this far into that process.

The good news is that we’ll probably have another Flowjam in the summer like we did last year.


sad meme man sounds
Welcome @MrMcMemerMan to my corner of depression, I’ll make room for you.


Welp I had it coming
Shoulda invested more time into the jam than playing Minecraft


Hey @grazer? Is there by any chance of winning maybe like one free month of indie or something? I heard many people (free accounts) in the past mention this and I thought it would be a pretty cool prize for maybe the top five winners (except first of course). Just an idea. Cause this can be a good reason for free accounts to actually participate in this.
Which i know I’m poor and I’ve heard a lot of people just telling me to just buy indie like everyone else, but the thing is that I don’t actually have a way of getting it currently so I was just wondering is there (by some chance) was a way to get it by participating in jams or something.

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@ManiacPumpkin Could be a thing but you have to consider this.

Indie gives you more freedom and less limitations to create your game. This will make people consider buying it while they’re creating their flowjam game. However, if you make indie a prize for placing well, people will try to go for that instead and stay on the free plan. So that means grazer won’t get any money.

Might be absolute nonsense and grazer just haven’t even thought about it. It just came into my mind.

EDIT: Thinking about it more, giving just one month of indie is also kind of a good idea to show off how good it is and it might make people want to extend their subscription. I’m not against your idea.


Yeah, I didn’t mean for someone to get it like permanently. Although it was just an idea.


O_O Thats my catch phrase, where is this guy so i ca nkikll him!?

Usually people who were close to winning (honorable mentions) get a prize like from the Flowlab merch chop. Indie is about the same price (about less), but I’m sure grazer would do a month of indie if it was requested.

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