Flowjam 2021 ratings closing tonight

Now what did I say at beggining? Jr, todorobot or Pizza would win. Honestly I didn’t know pizza wouldn’t join and I assumed jr. Good luck all tho, some great games were displayed!

If moon chicken wins I’ll give the password to my youtube channel

Lol… I feel like if moon chicken wins I should be the one giving away something…

I’m just hoping people figured out they needed to grab the light before wandering off and didn’t think the whole game was broken from the start :sweat_smile:

I liked Mushroom Madness too! I didn’t get through the whole thing, but I thought it played very smoothly.

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Thanks, @todorrobot. I really liked your entry as well.

I’m just sad that you didn’t get to the bossfight :cry:

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Bright Ideas by @lopinjop was also a really great game! It was such a humorous puzzle platformer with great visuals.

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Lol, my ban from spamming likes is still in effect for 12 hours

Agreed! Really liked the creativity and humor of that one too plus I like puzzle games- although I couldn’t figure out whether the briefcase destructing when it contacted certain blocks that the character could stand on fine was part of the design or a bug.

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Hmm… not sure if this is the right place or if I should start a new thread (or comment on the entries thread, or wait for grazer to make a new thread), but congrats @todorrobot

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To be honest I tried playing the game a few times before I finally figured it out. I did initially think it was broken :slight_smile:


Bad planning on my part- next time I’ll know not to make my very first puzzle turn on the light.

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Also appreciate the “oddly enough, not the only chicken themed game” comment on Save Cherry!

That was my exact thought when I saw the submissions like… I would manage to pick the same two main [theme] components as the previous winner…