Flowjam 2024 Winter Game Jam Winner Announced 🏆

Well, The results are in.

The game reviews have been tallied, and the Winner is Parse-O-Rythm, by Sup3r87 & Logan K. This hypnotic rythm game is beautiful, juicy, and has a fantastic soundtrack to play along with. It’s clear right away once you start playing why everyone loved it, so definitely check this one out if you haven’t yet.

Here are some other game jam entries that deserve a special mention:

Passing Through by ThatBoxLion
2nd Place Winner
Passing Through is a charming little game that looks and sounds great, and did a really good job of using the theme in a creative way.

Phaser Paradox by JR01 & BMarzi
3rd Place Winner
Phaser Paradox at first looks like a straightforward shooter, but has a twist that both fits the theme and makes the gameplay unique. The overall concept being explored has some really interesting potential.

52 Girls by Todorrobot
Honorary Mention
Match the names of all 52 girls with their pixel art portraits in 52 Girls by Todorrobot. Lots of attention to detail and a retro feel make the interactions more fun.

VBiking by HuckleBerry + cregerBot
Honorary Mention
I have no idea how to pronounce it, but this game is just really fun to play around with. I spent a bunch of time playing it in the intro tutorial level and goofing around with the basic interaction before I even realized that there was an actual game attached to it. Weird and fun.

A Slight Altarcation by Arctic Alpacasaurus Games
Honorary Mention
A super sophisticated and great looking city builder. Lots to explore, and I’m sure I’ve only seen a fraction of it so far.

Apotheosis by Recryptech
Honorary Mention
More of a demo than a complete game, and accessing the gameplay is a bit of a puzzle, but it’s definitely worth trying. I’d love to play this as a more complete game.

FanTenDogs by GameNub
Honorary Mention
Insane virtual pet game, with plenty of unintended consequences. GameNub posted a time lapse video of the entire creation process here, which is also really interesting for other game devs.

Play all the games here!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope everyone had fun!


NOOOO! Not one of my 2 games appeared on the post, which means my goal; Get game on featured page for Flowjam has failed! Better luck next time.

Congrats on the winners and especially Parse-O-Rhythm! That game was really fun.


I can’t believe we did it again!! For most of the runtime of the jam I was really worried people would hate the mechanics, so I’m super happy it turned around and everyone loved it!!

I think @logan_K1 deserves as much praise as I do for this project - he’s a really big reason the game is as successful as it is!!!


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Congrats Everyone! I had a lot of fun with this one!


Congratulations! I can’t say I’m surprised—the game is fantastic! And the music is incredible, especially with how it weaves the main theme throughout each song while still keeping each song unique in its own right (I have downloaded the songs and have been listening to them)
As for the honorable mentions, I enjoyed all of them as well (I think for many, it will be interesting to see their developement after this). Gamenub’s game especially was quite the unexpected “underdog”…


Congratulations everyone!! I didn’t play all the games but I’m sure they were amazing!


Congrats on your second win Sup3r, it was well deserved and an honor to lose to you lol!
And congrats to everyone else! Making a game isn’t easy, and even if it isn’t a finished product, getting something done and getting those creative juices is a win in itself!
Remember, it’s not about winning, it’s the friends we made along the way :yellow_heart:


Fr Apotheosis was presenting [Recryptech’s] facts. And CodeAlpaca, this whole post of yours is true. Congratulations to all the winners (and everyone who can spell “congratulations” correctly)! :green_heart:


I find it really strange that Hymn of Blood only got 14th place, people who played it, what happened? What did we end up doing wrong and what should be fixed?


Also, congrats to sup3r!!


the game do be kinda difficult
found a secret rank though! (you can get it if you try to fail)
btw, what scores do I need to unlock the last level?


I was hoping someone would find that lol :slight_smile:

To unlock the last level, you need to get a D or higher on 53-bit.


Congrats @sup3r87 and @logan_K1!!

You game was really fun, not to mention well made!


Maybe the flowlab really was… the friends we made along the way…
in all seriousness congrats to all the people who participated. Not everyone realizes just how difficult it is to code, sprite, and design a game. So give yourself a pat on the back for being able to make a game because that is amazing.


A 2.16 is way too high for the amount of effort I put into my game this time


If I feel like it, I’ll make it a full game (of some kind) in the future!

Before I forget...

So… does anyone want to put the games on a piece of toast?


Congratulations to everyone for making some great games! Even though I mostly just watched other people play them…


Congratulations sup3r87 on winning!!! I played the game after it was shown to be the winner and I enjoyed playing it! It was very satisfying hitting the notes on point!!!