)( Flowjam awards

You may have noticed that users have some shiny new awards under their names. I’ve given them medal titles based on their placements in Flowjam competitions. I’ll explain the medals here:

:trophy: Winner of an official Flowjam Competition
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd Place
:medal_sports: grazer’s honorable mentions
:medal_military: Winner of a Legacy 2018 Flowjam beta event

· PixelPizza won both Legacy Flowjam beta events. They were test gamejams sponsored by grazer, before the official major 2020 Spring and 2020 Summer console events, to see how such an event might work out. As such, he is the only user awarded with Legacy beta medals. All qualified participants were also mailed Flowjam stickers as a thank you for competing.

The user title can be seemingly an infinite length, but will cut off in the forums if a user wins too many awards. You can see the full list of awards in their profile. Try to win as many as you can!

I hope those of you that won these events enjoy your shiny nameplates, and wear your awards with pride. I also hope to see more users enter and win the future Flowjam competitions!


There could be participation awards for those who did post their game in a Flowjam, but didn’t win. (Just to make people feel special and it might get more participants per Flowjam.

Also @Mhx_Aîr can I have a plastic Flowjam trophy for no reason, lol.