Flowjam Entry: Glowbug

With the Flowjam deadline approaching, I would like to share my entry with the community!


GLOWBUG is an exploration game set inside a tower on Planet N, which was once a bright and colorful utopia that has now turned into a wasteland of death. Glowbug, a sentient robot designed to bring back happiness to the residents, finds itself trapped within the confines of the Tower - a place filled with lethal traps, horrifying (but cute?) creatures, and a mysterious background. Will you be able to help Glowbug fulfill its mission, or will it succumb to a terrible fate?


  • Challenging puzzles: Solve various puzzles designed to test your skills - but don’t take too long, you might encounter the monster who stalks the halls of the building

  • Suspenseful and unpredictable gameplay: Within tight rooms and lean hallways, you never know when you’ll suddenly be trapped into a corner - or run out of space to hide. When left to your own devices with minimal guidance, will you be able to keep calm under lethal pressure?

  • The Lore Deepens: You can choose to enjoy the main storyline, or to explore and collect additional documents to uncover the Tower’s hidden past. (WIP)

  • Stamina / Inventory system: collect items around the map, and save them up for dire situations

  • And more!

Additional Notes

  • This game is meant to be played with a WASD keyboard and a mouse. More control options might be added later

  • Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

Play it here:


@glowbug :slight_smile:


When I looked at the entries page that’s who I thought posted it


I like the amount of mechanics and depth is in the game - very well done. The game also gave me a “what the heck even is that” moment, so there is some surprises here and there as well. Didn’t get too far, so I have to ask, is there more floors other than floor 10?


I also liked this game, and that giant eye thing jumped out of no where and scared me. I assume you’re aiming to have the red dot on the map be a player indicator… once you figure that out I’d like to know the secret because I’ve tried a few times but haven’t gotten it yet.


It just requires some calculations, there is an example on the Example page. If you still can’t figure it out I’ll make an example after the Flowjam


@Galactian Oh wow, I didn’t know there was a member named Glowbug here XD

@CodeAlpaca @rcreger @Bmarzi Thanks for the feedback! Floor 10 is currently the only floor in the game. I will try to make a player indicator soon, when the main game is finished :slight_smile:

(If no one has made it to the time limit yet, I may update the game to provide more specific guidelines in the early game to speed up the process, as I think that’s one of the best parts of the game)

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Thanks, I know example exist, I just can’t seem to get the calculations correct. I haven’t tried that hard either because I’m lazy by nature.

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In case people are having difficulty progressing in the game, I wanted to post a guide here to facilitate getting through the first part of the game. Further guides may be added as the game develops. They won’t provide solutions to puzzles or timed events, but can help players out who might be stuck on what to do.

Guide #1
  • At the beginning, players are introduced to the core game mechanics and begin their exploration.

After you leave the first two rooms, an arrow will appear pointing towards where you need to go next.
After entering the room, you will find a map, along with a document inside one of the chests. After reading the document, the game will instruct you to find the freezer.

Upon reaching the freezer, you will find that the door is locked and the key is hidden somewhere inside the Tower. The map, which has all of the rooms labeled inside, can help you deduce where to go next.

The key to the freezer is inside the Key Storage Room. Upon reaching the room, you will see that there are traps blocking the way to the key, which can be avoided by getting the timing right.

  • The first checkpoint becomes active after obtaining the key to the Freezer. If you die, you will be respawned outside the room, where you must try to get the key again.

After obtaining the key, you will have access the freezer. Going inside and touching the boxes will allow you to pick up frozen dough to bake at the kitchen.

The kitchen is in the room beside the freezer, however it is booby-trapped by an alarm. Touching the alarm will cause the monster to slowly spawn in beside you, so you must run away and hide until the monster goes away (The alarm only triggers once).

Upon reaching the kitchen door, you will be faced with the first puzzle, which must be solved by using the mouse.

  • The second checkpoint activates after the player solves the first puzzle. If you die, you will be respawned outside the freezer, where you must get the dough and solve the first puzzle again.

You will finally be able to enter the kitchen after solving the puzzle. A cutscene will trigger after using the oven, and then a timed event will suddenly start where you must figure out the objective before time runs out.

The monster will disappear while a timed event is active.

There’s more in the game after that, but I think this should be enough for now. If there’s anything anyone is struggling with in the game (eg. avoiding the monster), please feel free to let me know :slight_smile: