Flowjam Game Ratings

Is this for the flowjam?

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Hey, could you rate envoy? Interested to hear your thoughts, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Plz rate gods of 5 plz

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Sure, I heard it was really good and the artist is super talented (not really)

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@paisleypug , Element Alcazar:
Fun game, definitely fun for all the tricks you can do with different enemies, I like how the fire element has literally so many uses based on angle and timing to get higher jumps and stuff. The level design could use some work because there was a part that was incredibly frustrating with the jump and the block above, just get rid of that block, it makes the jump so so much harder. Overall, great game with fun mechanics


Would you mind reviewing Daniel’s Body?

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@Flying_Fajita I reviewed your game Quirky Acres and I tried just jumping in without a tutorial, but that didn’t work out, so I tried again with the new knowledge from a very well explained tutorial and enjoyed the game pretty well. But this game has a major flaw: You can just keep running around, a simple and easy fix is to give some sort of bonus to the character when they get a animal in its pen. Something even cooler is to have upgrades or something like that to make the game less repetitive. I did die by the hurricane or whatever that is, and that made me sad since I couldn’t really stop it, so a warning sign before would be nice. Overall chill game: 7/10


@JUSTPLAINOP just played your game, Elemental Kingdoms. This game has many flaws, all of which I will share here.

  1. The element symbols don’t match up with the numbers for some reason, that was weird
  2. There is no real reason to fight or engage the enemies, they don’t deal much damage and you can just zoom past them
  3. The boss gets in a infinite death loop if you keep hitting it, use a switch for that
  4. At the start, the alert shows up and dissapears before you even know whats happening
  5. This is a rage game and I died several times and had to go all the way back to where I was, I know you have 3 lives, but having to do the same thing is super annoying especially because the map is so large
  6. Don’t use alerts, those are ugly
  7. Improve art vibrancy, the world doesn’t really come together, there isn’t much of a ambience or atmosphere, partly because there is no music USE MUSIC, just taking the time to choose one beat can make the game feel much better
    Overall, this game feels like it was worked on very inefficiently and could definitely use some brush ups, I think the screen size, or the view of the world is also too big, make it smaller. I liked the double jump effect, but there isn’t really much else going for this game:
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I didn’t have many objects.

Oh, I’ll be sure to change that.

I didn’t have time. I literally worked until the last two hours, which were late at night.

… I am saddened by this. I worked on it for sixteen hours. I stayed up late every night working on it and I built it whenever I could. I did do anything other than eat, sleep, and work (Both IRL and on Flowlab).

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also why is there no fullscreen :sob: its so easy to implement, for some art tips: make a atmosphere, make sure all the blocks are cohesive, it doesn’t have to look realistic, it just has to look good. Make lights, and maybe some atmosphere effects raining down or something idk
also, please don’t take this as encouragement, I was just brutally honest in this review because I know you can do so much better than repeating the same platformer cycle over and over.

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I had to WORK. I had to Sleep. I had to eat. I HAD NO TIME!


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you can’t edit games in flowjam


This is intended, you can’t edit your flowjam submissions

Yeah, I just figured that out. Sorry, grazer, for tagging you. I’ll edit it in a moment.

It makes sense, the student cannot edit the test answers after the test is submitted.

@nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time I just played your game and… it also has some flaws, some of which I’m not sure if you were aware of.
Anyways, disclaimer, don’t get offended, I like to be harsh on games.
First of the music fits the game pretty well, and the animations and camera movement felt smooth, so props on that.

On to the flaws:

  1. Where the heck are the elemental powers, there must be some, or you would not have put them in the description, but I can’t figure out how to use them, so theres that, not sure if thats a bug
  2. The boss is kinda weird, I was fighting it and then it just dissapeared, this was after some time, so i wasn’t sure if I beat it or not, and was kinda confused, not sure if this was added but some kind of enclosure when you’re fighting the boss would be nice(again wasn’t sure if that was there, if it was, sorry)
  3. There are dead ends, on my first run I went into a dead end and kinda just struggled to find a way out when I couldn’t, and I didn’t feel like retracing my steps so I just restarted.
  4. no fullscreen, not too big of a deal
  5. shooting sound is way too loud, again not that big of a deal but I braced myself everytime I wanted to shoot
  6. big one, everytime I moved, I had to press w again to aim up, super annoying
    Why is the button for shoot shift, that is not natural hand position, I would suggest just make W jump and space bar shoot with a rotating cursor that shoots anywhere you point it to, because having to shoot up is seriously annoying in the boss fight, the boss fight felt stiff and janky because the movement was stiff and janky
    add enemies in the levels, kinda weird to have a boss but nothing else other than lava

Overall, nice and smooth art but doesn’t have many elements to make it unique or exciting 4.5/10

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Hey, thanks for the review! I will add in an upgrades system after the flowjam, and also make the tutorial forced. I am also nerfing the tornado. I think that will fix some problems. I was thinking of adding a new thing that is like a quest, like a thing that would pop up at the bottom of the screen, showing a mix of different animals to catch at once. Like this: Quest: catch 1 chicken and 1 pig

Then the player has to catch those in the SAME lasso (maybe a quest lasso?) and get extra abilities and stuff.

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