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While streaming for 5+ hours I reviewed some games… I reviewed the ones I thought that the developer would see the review, so basically anyone who I’ve seen in the forums or discord. I’m sorry if I didn’t write a review to your game. Also, I’m still going to rate every game I didn’t rate, just off stream.

Also, for those who were hoping for a video, I screwed that bit up by not recording the stream earlier… I checked the folder that the recording was meant to be in and it wasn’t there :clown_face:

Anyways, here are the reviews (scroll down to find your’s) – not organized.

Flowjam Game Quick Reviews:

Out of Blocks!

Very creative for such a simple game, fun to play.

Biggest downside was the amount of levels, but overall very fun because of the rarely seen mechanic with placing the blocks.

Pack it!

Really creative idea but too large of a scope for the time given and experience with iso in Flowlab. Very catchy music and will definitely be fun to play when there’s more things to work with.

Universal Crumble

EXTREMELY addicting and fun, a bit on the hard side but your skill definitely improves throughout the levels. The game is extremely polished in every way shape and form and the only downside was the theme management, though I understand the theme fitting with the story it’s best characteristics are not the theme when looked at to other previous games.

Easy mode: Fun and addicting and definitely prepares you well throughout each level.

Hard mode: The reason why this game is extra good, the feeling I get when completing the game in hard mode is immaculate lol

Operation Delete

Very creative but very difficult (or I suck) — was also confused on what to do, the art and music is good, as well as the theme management, but imo it’s not as fun as previous submissions.


I understand how the game interpreted the theme, but it wasn’t very unique. The controls are good once you understand them but it’d be better imo if the tutorial displayed the first time you started to prevent players from jumping into the game without a clue what they’re doing. Finally, I had a hard time understanding the goal even when reading the tutorial. The art, mechanics, and music is fantastic and polished, though.

Room For None

Very simple, yet extremely creative. The art is really good and the gameplay logic is great. I found myself beating it twice because of how fun it was. The first time through was so hard yet so so rewarding. I wish there were more replayability, but the fact that this whole game was made in 2 weeks is enough for me.


Creative idea, interprets theme well, advanced gameplay logic/mechanics I liked well. I noticed some lag due to poor optimization. The game is fun but lacks replayability other than a leaderboard competition. The game is fun but there isn’t much of a drive to keep me playing. Unique idea that should be touched on some more.

S.P.A.C.E. Shipping

Creative game, but the “out of space” mechanic (shrinking the size of the room+spitting boxes out faster) wasn’t as annoying as it could be lol, but I think that’s good despite the theme (aka the game is better without it fitting the theme even more). There’s a drive to play because I want to keep continuing farther and farther to see what happens next. It’d be cool if the lore on this was expanded, definitely wanna know what’s up with my boss, he’s weird. Game mode suggestion: A mode where it’s on the smallest room in the game (like day 5 normal mode) but it goes on until you die, this would allow for a new money leaderboard/time alive leaderboard.

Space Island

Creative idea, but the game is poorly optimized. The art is stylistic and the mechanics of both the player and the enemies is unique. I like how balanced it is when getting worse and worse weapons but still being given a chance to continue. Again, unique game but poorly optimized (plus lack of replayability).

Anti Matters

Well made game but the movement felt hard to control (intentional or not) and the directions were confusing even though there were instructional screens. My recommendation is to fix this by slowly showing the player how the game works rather than giving them words to read and a lot of information to process at once. Either way, it’s a creative idea that fits the theme well.


I didn’t quite have enough time to fully play through this entry, but I would like to at some point. From what I’ve gathered from my time playing, I think I’m the glow bug stuck somewhere. A nice game, a bit poorly optimized, fantastic lore (probably the best out of any of the flow jam games) and some neat mechanics. I haven’t found anything in the game yet that makes me want to keep playing more, but maybe I just haven’t found the thing that drives people to play this entry more. Overall, creative entry with neat interpretation of theme.

Be There Be Square

Another unique game with a creative twist. I found myself wondering why there was no way to get another heart, and I thought it’d be cool if every time you turned on a switch and talked to the blue square mr. dude that when he gave you a key he also gave you a fist pump that gave you a heart. I know, I know, a crazy idea, but it sounds cool to me lol. I didn’t find much replayability in this and the mechanics were basic, but the game that I did get to play was fun and polished!

Iceship Omicron

Blows everything out of the water in terms of creativity, but the way the theme was interpreted is bland the game is not finished. With more time this game will be awesome. Nice art and music, good job.


The mechanics and idea of the game both SEEM fun, but I don’t know what to do. I know how to click on the blocks, drag them, and rotate them, but I’m struggling on what I’m ACTUALLY supposed to do. What is the goal? Neat looking game with relaxing music though.

The Cow Snatchers from Outer Space

Neat idea and AWESOME art style, definitely loved the arcade feel of this submission. The Flowlab music never lets anyone down. It’d be a cool addition to add some sort of leaderboard that makes me want to play more. Nonetheless, fun game with neat effects and polish! (Also lore??? /j) — Though I don’t know how this game fits the theme but it was fun to play.

Don’t Run Out of Space

I found that the game is fun and it’s a good concept but there isn’t much to do but push already placed boxes into a room. The game is top down so if a box gets stuck in the corner… I can’t move it. There’s no way to rotate the boxes and it took me 5-10 minutes to figure out where the “smaller storage space” was. The game would be a lot more fun if executed differently with different mechanics. Neat concept, good art, and good music.

Penguin Portal

The game looks cute, but the theme management is unclear, the mechanic is kinda broken after a few levels, and there’s a lack of mechanics.


No skill involved, neat art, but no music, I don’t understand the concept nor what I’m doing, BUT I do understand the theme interpretation here.

Earth That Was

A very neat concept that I wasn’t expecting for a flowjam entry, and I like how it works but I wish there were more to it than just choosing characters and seeing my win percentile. I liked how the theme was the reason why I had to start choosing a crew, nice job on that.

The Kevlar

I liked the visuals and concept (again) but didn’t understand how it fit with the theme and trying to find towers in the dark isn’t necessarily fun when that’s all to do.

Space is Running Out of Space

Wasn’t a very unique concept sine there are so many games like this, and there was no twist. The game also had no management with the theme other than the title. The game is also impossible to play because of the hordes of enemies that come all at once.

Orange Car:

Out of space is definitely not this games theme, but the game has an interesting counting concept to say the least. I saw the forum post regarding this game let me tell you something, I never see orange cars. Nice art and music though lol

The Plague

Creative since it’s the only TD in this jam, and I liked the layout of the game compared to other TD games. Needs a bit more optimization in later waves and needs more towers/upgrades, but for two weeks this is a good TD. Nice job.


Did not understand what the goal was, and even though it looked polished it didn’t feel polished. Transitions took too long and made me want to exit the game along with the long dialogue I wish I could skip. Nice lore, though. (Also didn’t understand how you interpreted the theme)


if you’re wondering what I think about your game @CodeAlpaca

Color Complex

I really liked how this game felt and even though there are some movement bugs it’s extremely impressive and polished for a 2 week made game (and a game made with your friend needing your computer for summer school lol) – so glad I could help you create the game, can’t wait to see final ratings on this one :slight_smile:


Maybe the ring shrinks too slow? The concept is like a top-down space battle game with the battle royale element of a “ring” closing.

Yeah every game I make is supposed to have the player character go on a rampage and non Magnetic Blade users in this game will likely suffer if they choose to only use the main laser gun. Should’ve spent more time on this instead of just Gamouggin’ throughout the whole Flowjam.


Thanks for playing and reviewing my game! Im really glad you had such positive things to say about it

This was the one part of the game i was worried about. The “connection” is pretty much that you’re a UFO that came out of space to steal cows. Unfortunately i ran out of game objects to use before i could make any sort of prologue :pensive:


Thanks for playing my games, glad you enjoyed them.


Well this fits the theme


Thanks for the review!


thanks a lot for reviewing my game! procrastination really limited how many levels i made