Flowjam voting 2021

Hey guys, how is the voting system of flowjam work?
I want to vote for “Flee” game but i don’t see any option to do so

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It works off of a rating system; so you rate the game based on stars, and it should be below the title here:


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you can only vote if you submitted a game

Wait really? That seems a bit weird

Well otherwise alt accounts make the win

I suppose that makes sense. But then people can just spam random games they just made up so they can enter in the Flowjam and vote, right?

Well I guess no one actually did that so it doesn’t matter

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No, grazer has to admit games. He at least sifts through them. I don’t know where he said that but I know he did.

People can (and do) spam random no-effort games, presumably so they can vote I guess. I just go through and delete everything that looks completely non-serious before I enable ratings. I probably disqualified maybe two dozen “games” this time around.



when Is the winner annouced?

I second this question, @grazer. Do you have a set time or do you wait till everyone’s submitted reviews?