Flowlab 3D

Once your able to do that, maybe you can make something like, flowlab3D.com or something. It would be nice. I could make a SlenderMan game that’s fp.

very very very very x20 x40 unlikely you will see a flowlab3D.
If you really want to make a codeless game like half life or whatever, go buy Reality Factory. No, its not free. The only reason Flowlab is free is because you could take months making a game before you put it on iOS. You could only get a 60 day free trial.

Mhx Ar You always ruin everything for me. I wanted grazer to answer this NOT you! And, yes I KNOW HE IS BUSY!

Fine, you can ask him yourself if you want to wait for him to get on. You can chat with him when the [Contact Us] button says [Chat with the Developer]
grazer put me in charge of moderating the forums because he needed someone to answer questions for him. I’m only speaking based off intuition, but you can ask him if you want.

Hey W-man

Iike Mhx said, it’s pretty unlikely that I will be adding 3d support any time soon for a variety of reasons.

If you want to make 3d game, I recommend Unity3d. It’s a great tool, and you can get started for free :slight_smile:

I have a great 3D game (tutorial) you can look at: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/23803

you are funny :slight_smile:
we meant like on the PS3, not up down left right RPG

I could work with that… Thank you Super Creator. I just need 3D sprites and I could make a third-person game so easily.

No problem just wanted to help. I got used to this web so fast!