Flowlab: All Stars team discussion

Team Discussion. @Ramshacklegamestudios @The_Undying @8-bit_Studio @ManiacPumpkin

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You want me to add dying to the team?

yes (at least 20 characters)

@Ramshacklegamestudios i never used multiplayer programming before so i need some help if that’s fine.

Don’t look at me! I never use online and it’s a learning experience to me too lol

oh okay xD ill ask other people then.

everyones online wow

could you add more levels and alot more objects for me? (when i ask you stuff like this, if u cant do it right at this moment let me know)

I can’t do it RIGHT NOW, but I’ll do it later (I’ll do the levels now actually, but not the objects yet)

okay, thanks for letting me know.

just so ya know im doing school and flowlab at the same time

same here, but this week my classes are super spaced out

I did it, and you have more than enough levels.

okay thank you so much

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i will be back after school bai!

I have been making blocks and naming them currently from your older game

i noticed, thanks great idea

always happy to help and i am glad to actually feel useful because the other team im on i cant do a whole lot due to lack of objects avalable to me which is 0 because they have like 10billion of em xD

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xD i feel you on that one

I don’t know if you guys noticed but I changed the name of the update log