Flowlab: All stars We need members

Ask @RamshackleGameStudios to join

remember these things

We need



And Music Developers

And we need mostly indie people (Maybe a few free i guess?)

we need you! (20202020202020) you will get credit in the description!

Yeah!!! What he said!!!

I’m apart of Flowlab All stars right?

Nvm I just checked and I am, lol. I’ve been working on the TattleTail remake and I haven’t had time to work on anything, lol. I’ve really bitten off more than I can chew.

Guys we need to make this post popular so its seen more and others would wanna join

its a great idea but, the pixel art is terrible (Im not discriminating but im just staing my opinion.)

For the Tattletail Remake?

Yeah i think thats what he’s saying

Well, if it is; All I can say is that the pixel art was made by 8-Bit_Studios as a temporary template so we know exactly what plans to be added. The game is going to be somewhat of a big project (mainly story work) so we needed something to go off of.

oh okay, sorry but i was just stating my opinion.

the best pixel art i have seen was done by lopinjop he can do 3d pixel art the game i saw it in was tread
also i have a good imagination so i could give you ideas