🏆 Flowlab GOTY 2023 results

:star: Flowlab GOTY 2023 results! :star:

The votes have been tallied, and the third and final round of voting has concluded. Please congratulate the winner:

Gods of Five!

One of the most ambitious two-week games ever made for the flowjam, Gods of Five is a high quality, juicy, and content rich card combat game made by Arctic Alpacasaurus Games ( @Hong_Jooni_Pooni , @CodeAlpaca and @DinoDev ). It came in very close second place in the original flowjam it participated in (summer 2023) and was an instant icon!

You guys made a great game, congratulations :slight_smile: .

Thanks to all the voters.

Originally this little event idea was just a spark in my head, then others agreed with it, and then we had to run three whole rounds of voting to get the winners. Dozens of community members voted over the voting rounds to help determine a winner. While it wasn’t the entire site body like the flowjam competitions, I like to think that the opinions of those who cared enough to vote carry the same weight.

Poll results

This is the poll that decided the competition. At the start of voting, the top games from the previous two jams and all featured games were added to the list. It had to be narrowed down twice due to a tie in the second voting round.


Nice! In my opinion this spot was very deserved! The other 2 games were also amazing!


Congratulations on this victory! Much deserved, and the other games were just as great!

Oh never even responded! Forgot to say ty everyone :blush:!!! We worked really hard on the the game so I really appreciate that people liked the game so much!
And to even be put on the same stage as the other wonderful games after my short time here is absolutely incredible, I’ve learned so much from everyone here and am forever thankful :revolving_hearts:

Huge credits to Hong for the amazing art and thanks to DinoDev! I know I’m kind of the “face” behind the game, but it could not even be close to what it is without them :heart:
I hope to continue updating the game to make it even better in the future :chart_with_upwards_trend: !