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https://flowlab.io/game/play/1664203 guys pls play this game I made. I have tried very hard, pls tell me how it is. I’m a newbie, and this is my 8th game so pls try it. read the games bio to understand the game


btw creds to the dude who made AMAZING LEGBOY cuz the codes of his game helped me make my game screen interactive

:clap: like ur pfp 2! me laik charizard… i like dragons in general tho… pixil-frame-0 (2) pixil-frame-0 (8) pixil-frame-0 (1) pixil-frame-0 (9)


Pretty decent, I’d say it’s good other than the game art. There could be more components like power-ups, coins, or new enemies, but for your 8th game (which doesn’t make sense you’re on a free account) I’d say it’s pretty good!

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I like this game the art could use some work but I love the movement

no I delete my other games but save their links so I can still play them

Oh, okay

Cube Game
Cube Game