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My jam game 2023 forum for https://flowlab.io/game/play/2196376

The SFX starts ‘on’ but hogs power and memory, reducing your game speed. (But not the timer speed!) It is recommended to turn off SFX by pressing “P” unless you have a powerful computer.

Anyone with a score of <100 or so is cheating. If you cheat, I will have to reset everyones scores because of the mechanics. (Going in and editing the level counts as cheating which will give these crazy scores.) If you find any cheaters feel free to report them here. Enjoy! (And don’t cheat.)

How did you like the game?

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  • 1 star :frowning:

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Howdy shark,
do you want me to gve you some honest criticism? :slight_smile:

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Yes, sure! Any feedback is fine!

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Ok nice!
What i liked:

  • First off - good job you had good time management so you were able to finish the game until deadline!
  • I like the 90’s retro tv style of the game, the game art fits the theme aswell. I’m currently making a retro game and i don’t think i nail it as good as you do.

What i didn’t like:

  • I have a decent, like really decent pc but it’s so laggy taking away all the fun for me, even with sfx off.
  • You need to communicate more, i didn’t know i have to pick up the sword first, i didn’t even know that i needed one. i tryed to press spacebar when i saw an enemy and thought the game was unplayable, because i couldn’t attack. Liek i said, i didn’t know i needed a weapon.
  • Once i found the sword, even the attacks were so laggy i couldn’t even tell if i hit the enemy.
  • I didn’t finish the game because of the stated reasons, i just was to bored by the delay/lagg.

I didn’t look into everything, so i don’t know what’s causing the laggs, but maybe there’s too many objects in general, or too many objects with behaviors.(just a guess) BUT there’s a lot here in the forum you can find on how to improve your game performance or reducing the lagg.
Maybe you can make smaller maps or split up the map into different levels or destroy not used or unvisible objects.
I’m pretty sure it could be a good game once you fix the lagg and work a bit longer on it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feed back! I appreciate the suggestions and I think I can add some now and other bigger ones after the jam time constraint is over. Thank you!

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After optimising the code it should be less laggy now and it explains the attack mechanism. The player speed is slightly increased becausee of less lag. To complete the levels, though, it’s recommended to (Spoiler)try to find the secret tunnels (The secret’s out!) and areas that have hearts and goodies. (Spoiler)(Once you finish the level you will see a leaderboard and badges to earn) Thanks again!

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Also were you not logged in? (Because you’re User name didn’t show up in the leader board?)

  1. welcome :slight_smile:
    and i think im logged in but like i said din’t make it until the end lol
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Just played this - the gameplay was extremely clunky, but the art direction and feel of the game was good! I think that with the right tweaks, performance fixes and changes, it could be a really good game!