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Flowlab Game Creator - Lexian's hello everyone, if you find this, you’re cool. oh also you can comment something to add and i’ll do it.

the player doesn’t fit into the game. perhaps make a different sprite instead. by making art on the player

thank you Zethanstar!

for the game, i want to add a falling animation when falling. does anyone know how to do that?

Maybe if you’re using the run and jump bundle when it detects when the player character is colliding with something, you can make it play the idle animation, and when the output comes out of the switch it plays a short falling animation and stays on the last frame until it collides with something again?

I tested with this a bit to make sure it works, but I didn’t make sure to see if it worked with walking animations, Jump Animation Test hope this helps!

would you guys like to have a eating system?

why does my game do this when playing?

Im not sure, maybe you just need to refresh? Sometimes when I’m done working on an object its out of place when I play the game, so I just refresh