Flowlab.io - Play My Game - Pixel Shooter

Hi all, please can you all take a minute to play my new game Pixel Shooter
The aim of the game is to shoot as many targets as you can. Each target will earn you coins that you can spend in the shop to buy different levels and themes.
Please tell me what you think and provide me with your feedback and any improvements you think I can make. Watch out for the BONUS level star :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy.


Nice game you got there @ConnorHill.

  • Like the music
  • The time limit is great
  • This is even good for me, I hate using aim trainers online, instead using it in browser is good.
  • Wish there was reload
    -It get’s repetitive.
  • Maybe different modes?
    Overall, keep going. This is a great game.

Its Great!!! The Only Thing A Had A Problem With Is That I Bought The Duck, And Welllllllll, I Don’t Want To Shoot The Ducks… Is There A Reset Button?

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it resets everything

Ok Thanks! I Couldn’t Handel It I’m Gonna Skip To The Next Target This Time.