Flowlab.io YouTube live dev streams

Hello every one, and yes I’m bringing my streams back better than before. I will be listing the links every time I stream in the replies below.

If you would like to support me consider subscribing to my channel: GrimWither

You can also join my discord for sneaks of my content: https://discord.gg/rpasGG

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I know you probably know this already, but I went ahead and subbed as soon as I saw you had a channel

Oh, I see. I now have 16 subs. Well thank you for supporting me @Ramshacklegamestudios

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No problem! :wink: :+1:t2:

I’m going to start streaming tonight. But I also have to get prepared but while I do that hopefully some of the Flowlab.io community will find this discussion.

Ok every one I didn’t get to stream cuz i was tired and nobody was actually on so i hope more people will be on at 1:00 am which is American time.

what screen recorder do you use?

SLOBS (Streamlabs OBS)