Flowlab made some physics adjustments - (Human error?)

TL;DR: I think the spin motor is broken

As far as I can tell, flowlab made some silent physics adjustments, breaking a few vital parts of my game.
You used to be able to sort of “roll” off of platforms using A/D to rotate off, and that was an important feature for a few levels either at the start or the end.
Now when you try and do that, the ship simply vibrates in a standstill, occasionally being softlocked into one spot, forcing you to restart.
As far as I can tell, flowlab made an irreversible adjustment and I do not think that this can be fixed, however if someone does find a solution to it that would be great.

Here’s my game: Flowlab Game Creator - Directional Force
This is my first post, so I apologize if it isn’t formatted/presented correctly. Thank you!

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Are you sure this isn’t just an edge case that you just discovered?

I don’t know. All I know is it worked one day, and then after 0 code changes it didn’t work the next

I messaged Grazer about it on Discord so we’ll wait to see what he says.
Also welcome to the Flowlab Community!