Flowlab Meme Universe Lore

First of all, more lore here: The GAME Wiki | Fandom
Alright, now on to the lore. Feel free to ask me any questions if you’re confused!

There is an "endless" war between two factions.

“The plot is that there are two organizations with really basic names endlessly fighting each other for control of a planet called Planet House. These two organizations, the Good Team, and the Evil Team, were locked in an endless war. After the Evil Team’s defeat, other teams took over, mostly with the same people under a new leader.”

  • Homes, bases, and vehicles are often being destroyed and rebuilt at a moment’s notice.
  • Pee, ■■■, ■■■■, and Vomit are alive and each is a legitimate species with their own kingdom.
  • There is a law that forbids anyone who isn’t a Deadpool from breaking the fourth wall. This is because only Deadpools are legally allowed to break the fourth wall.
  • The movie Fazbear, starring Willem Dafoe, smashed all box office records on and even before release.
  • The study of Five Nights at Freddy’s lore is called “Fazbearology” and it is a legitimate study in which you can even get a Ph.D.
  • The Trunk Monkey is real. Beware of him.
  • Many construction companies owe their success to a man from Billund, Denmark.
  • There are three evil manifestations of evil. They are all brothers, and each of their hobbies are directly based on one of my own.
  • Peter Parker is by far the most common name on the planet.
  • Bizarre incident #1
  • Bizarre Incident #2 (frightening)
  • Orange Spartans are far more common than any other Spartan color on the planet. No one has any idea why.
  • Spider-Man is the planetary president.

There exists a store where you can buy literally anything as long is it is related to Shrek. The Shrek Shop will even make custom items for you!


POTENTIALLY DISTURBING CONTENT 13+ (Reader discretion is advised).

Many students at Hogwarts were scarred for life when a mysterious portal opened on the school grounds. A giant Shrek appeared, naked. Thank goodness a black rectangular bar labelled “CENSORED” appeared to cover him. Following this strange Shrek from an alternate dimension, was an alternate dimension counterpart of the school’s headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore then began to remove all his clothing (fortunately another censorship rectangle appeared). Next, Dumbledore started to dance around Shrek in a circular formation as if it were a satanic ritual. “Shrek is love, Shrek is life”, he murmured.


You have an…




“Love that for you” but with a tone indicator called “/s(ike)”


I have no idea what to think about this information


Thank you (my imagination is very vivid and I hope to please you all with amazing funny when I get a power PC and animating skills)!

Me neither.

Why sike?


because I have no idea what I read, but nonetheless you do have a very big imagination and you’re very creative, so I’ll give you that.


I see. There is plenty more ridiculousness in this universe, especially when you add up all the other dimensions.

Thank you! I have been studying fictional multiverses (especially Marvel and long before Into the Spider-Verse was a thing) for many years so I certainly have experience in this imaginative field.


POTENTIALLY DISTURBING CONTENT 13+ (Reader discretion is advised).

The banana incident was an incident that took place on March 20th, 2021 at 12:39 PM. Sonic The Hedgehog was allegedly accused of shoving a banana up Venom’s rear. This incident was neither captured nor recorded and is believed to have never occurred. It is believed that a second banana incident occurred. It is basically the same exact thing, but with Knuckles the Echidna as a possible suspect or accomplice.

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Sir Daquavius Bingleton News


  • The film Morbius, starring Jared Leto, grosses two morbillion dollars at the global box office and is universally considered the best film of all time.
  • Giant chicken man found dead in remote alleway for no reason (may he rest in peace).
  • President Spider-Man announces new laws that make it illegal to say, write, type, or otherwise communicate his name without the hyphen in between.
  • Fazbear, starring Willem Dafoe, sells a groundbreaking number of DVDs the day it hit blue-ray and DVD shelves.
  • Weird mechanoid evil monster man gets caught lackin’ by subordinates after he is found simping for a 2D anime woman.
  • A poop terrorist exploded, killing 13 chickens and 14.5 poops in the Poop Kingdom this friday.

  • First Halal restaurant opens on the planet.
  • King Pig signs new laws that give each pig mobility rights, as well as giving female pigs the right to vote.
  • Popular comedian in custody after killing several hundred children under Dark Legion’s control. The suspect alleges that he did it because “Kids are cruel. They murdered a swan by proxy because they threw rocks at her eggs.”
  • Anime banned in certain Rooms of the house (countries) for fear of a potential threat to democracy that may be caused if certain people view it.
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It’s chicken time

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It has been confirmed that:

  • Knuckles was involved as an accomplice

  • Tails drove Sonic and Knuckles to the marketplace to buy the bananas used

  • Rouge the Bat sold the bananas to them, without knowing that what they would be used for (she assumed that they would be used for normal banana things, not, um, uh, whatever Team Sonic did to Venom)

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New lore: Power Rangers convert to Islam and become the Qalqalah Fury Power Rangers!

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The new way this topic will work: I will make or reveal a lore incident or two and you guys can tell me if and which ones you want to be made into games.

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I want to play the one where 3 Halo guys team up with Harry Potter & his friends (and later a giant Pikachu) to stop an evil mysterious clone of Iron Man from taking over the entire basement country

How do you have this information? Only John and his sister are supposed to know that story since it wasn’t released in public.

unfinished draft

Lore Incident Revelation 1:

The My Little Pony Massacre

Noob Saibot is on a quest for more power. This is because he wants to fight the Power Rangers to test his strength and eventually obtain enough power to conquer the Netherrealm, with which he will invade the house planet. He comes across the leader of the villainous technically-terrorist organization Doom Syndicate, Doom Syndicate (dude has the same name as his group). Doom Syndicate offers Noob more power in exchange for one thing: he kills all of the My Little Ponies. Noob accepts Doom’s deal and goes to the Z sector. Noob then makes a loud proclamation declaring war on the Ponies. Ruby Rose was on a walk with her team and told the My Little Ponies that Noob Saibot was looking for them. The Ponies stepped out of the box as Team RWBY walked back home.

Now this is where the bloodshed begins. You have been warned.

Noob then slashed Twilight Sparkle’s neck with his sickle, starting the fight. A mysterious yellow pony that could control the weather approached Noob. She was clearly drunk and accidentally summoned lightning upon herself and died. Twilight, somehow surviving Noob’s attack, pounced on him and magically bellowed mystical slurs at him. Noob Saibot, sensing an enormous amount of racist energy, bellowed an anti-racist counterargument that reopened her wounds. As Twilight Sparkle collapsed, an explosion exploded and Noob Saibot posed dramatically in front of it.

Noob then stealth farted as he moved into the shadows. Pinkie Pie tried to sneak up behind him, but he slashed her nose and kicked her high into the air. He jumped as a disembodied voice said, “FINISH HER” and then Noob finished her. When Noob landed, the voice said “FATALITY”. Noob silently wondered why a strange invisible man was announcing all of his kills, but he didn’t care too much. His focus was on kombat. Another Pinkie Pie appeared. She used her dual-balloon Cutie Mark charm to fire a party laser beam at Noob, but he dodged it and threw a Ghostball at her. Unable to defend herself, Pinkie Pie fell to her knees as Noob sent his shadow to tackle her and beat her up. Just before she was suffocated by plastic LEGO debris and killed, Pinkie Pie sent out a distress signal to her robot form and other self that was a mermaid for some reason.


Unrelated to the last post, I’m filming the story of the Good Team getting revenge on the Doom Syndicate for stealing their stuff by capturing their base and using it for parts so that they can build the penultimate hero vehicle: a giant truck-base named Optimum Pride (after the meme of the same name). The video will be an epic LEGO/Mega (Construx) battle and a parody of Transformers and other things.