Flowlab Notable Games Portal

Flowlab’s favoriting system works well for weighting game’s decency and thus displays them based off of that on the games page, however there is not really a way to hold onto a game’s URL without saving it onto a document, or bookmarking it. As an attempt to help streamline the process of getting to your favorite flowlab games, I have created (with the help of rezarg and JR) the FNGP. its pretty simple to use, so try giving it a spin Flowlab Game Creator - FNGP

EDIT: this app is intended to be downloaded as well, so I will most likely include a button that directly boots you to the homepage of flowlab.


Created an Idle mode, that simply reads the current time. ALSO, i created that direct link to flowlab as WELL as the forums. I will soon create a download link.

For some reason, the list responsible for keeping the info isn’t being saved.

Thats epic!

This is so useful, such a good idea! A great alternative to bookmarking until we get a saved games page.

I’ll be using this a ton, thank you!