Flowlab Q&A

Ask me questions on how to do certain commands (simple or complex) and I will help you best i can, this is open to anyone who needs help. I hope @grazer can help me too if i get stumped or don’t provide enough detail.
Being that i cant always help people out, tag somebody to notify them that you want them over there.
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How do you make it so players can write in game?

Using mouse or keyboard?


Well. Labels cannot change letters but can change numbers. So unless you want the player to have to decode it, with a KEY, then its impossible.

Assign each letter to an number. The. Get about 26 x 26 toggle switches, and 26 x 26 expressions and your on your own!

Dont forget to make a “1 = a 2= b” kinda thing…


God, im not that good!!!