Flowlab Review

I think this is a good game maker because it’s easier to use than coding a game. I don’t like the memeberships you have to buy to get unlimited objects which I think should be in free edition. It’s expensive to get the indie and up editions because I have better uses for money but I want to have unlimited objects in a game. It’s annoying to see the “You’ve ran out of objects, buy this to get unlimited blocks yadda yadda” It’s like getting to use only 50 different blocks in minecraft and then you have to pay money to use more which is unreasonable. That disappoints me but other than that it is decent.

Technically, the reviews category isn’t to review Flowlab itself, but anyways…
I understand your frustrations because I used to have to deal with that 2 years ago. If you ever want to get unlimited objects/levels/games, yet not pay too much money, Indie is the best subscription you should get. Contrary to what you said, Indie isn’t that expensive. You can choose whether you pay $10 monthly or pay $60 yearly. It’s okay if you choose not to pay subscriptions, this is just a little suggestion.

mk, I’ll ask on the forum if the membership is worth the money.