Flowlab-style community sprite and tile collection?

The biggest hurdle I find in game creation is constantly making pixel art that matches the existing pixel art. Most bundles don’t match the style of other bundles, and each bundle out there tends to have a limited number of sprites. So if you want a consistent look, it gets difficult to achieve.

I figure many of us use Flowlab’s base art as a starting point, and I’ve modified some of these, and made some more in a matching style. Seems stupid not to share them, but sharing one or two at a time isn’t exactly a “bundle”. If other people are doing this too, maybe we could have one place with all Flowlab style art that people could continually contribute to?

More backgrounds would also be useful.


feature requests.


This isn’t exactly requesting a feature, but promoting art of a specific style for the forums. So I think the subtitle fits.

In a way, it could be either or I suppose.


Doesn’t need to be a feature that Flowlab has, could just be a repository elsewhere maybe. Although I suppose if left unsupervised it would unfortunately rapidly fill with pixel porn, for such is the law of the internet…

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Which is why Flowlab

i can contribute

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The forums are pretty safe so I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about even if you left it unsupervised. We have a pretty good moderator who keeps everything up to date and I’m sure he’ll remove anything that goes against community guidelines.


I wonder if one could get https://itch.io/ to add a “Flowlab” tag, and then people could upload assets there

itchy.io” help im dying :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

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hahahahahah thanks autocorrect :smiley: