Flowlab... Visual Update?!

So, I made a sketch, on pixilart.com , the best site for creating pixel art, about maybe how flowlab “Games” tab should look, if updated. Games like “Thall” and “Pixel Sports” and other highly rated games are being overtaken by games like “Bannana Quest” which is an abandoned game created using default blocks. Now I am not saying games are bad and games are good, they should be seperated, but at least spotlight more games that deserve too. So here is a concept for a new flowlab Games Tab layout:
pixil-frame-0 (48)

yes is perfection

I think it should be more like having multiple tabs on google chrome.
You click tabs the see a full page of that category.

@“JR 01” Yeah, maybe when you click on the down arrow it continues onto the whole page of the catagory.

Not what I meant…

I was thinking like this:


@“JR 01” Yeah, that probably would be better, with the tabs I used at the top too