Flowlab Voice Ideas

When you think or hear about flowlab how do you think it would sound vocal wise? What sounds would flowlab make? Describe it in many tones as you would like.

What ever the sound of a calm brick is


The sound of a [science] lab that fell out of the building it was in and is now flowing down a river.

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@CodeAlpaca Does this count? I Can Pitch It Up And Down Too!
Brick on metal sound effect - YouTube

Idk how to describe it, it’s more of a feeling. It’s like a smooth brick wall and different behaviors like Lists are smooth seamless bricks that slot in perfectly.

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@CodeAlpaca Do you have a video, or can you make one about the sound you would expect?

I have no idea what it sounds like, or what it feels like in my head. It’s weird.

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@CodeAlpaca I have changed the voice of flowlab to be a simple Flute because I ran out of ideas for the brick, and I chose the flute because it matches the flow, I would feel in flowlab.