Flowlab won't save the progress i'm making in the background layer

every time I put something overtop another in the background layer, it works until I change levels, or refresh. Then it just disappears. it makes the game look so bland, and is pretty annoying because I can’t even be too creative with the backgrounds on the free version already. Is it too much to ask to save my background?

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I need more info to help you :\
not that im that great

I am having the same issue still don’t know why it is doing that

I would recommend making a new discussion about this instead of digging up year old discussions.

It technically never was a discussion

I’m sorry, I meant topic. I’m still used to saying Discussion from the old forums and I can see very clearly that there wasn’t much of a conversation, but yes it would still be considered a discussion.

Check the order of the background objects. The object you placed could be on a lower order than the other.

If you make the order of an object higher then it will be in front of objects with a smaller order (Ex. An object with the order number 3 will be in front of an object with the order number 1).

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