Flowlab's Anime Mascot returns!

The Return of Flow-Chan!

Say hello to Flow-Chan again because she is back! Now in 32x32 pixels, she can fit into any Flowlab grid space! I wonder if grazer will actually consider setting her as his vtuber model when he makes another game for the next Flowjam🤔. For this art, I combined @ManiacPumpkin’s LEGO design with the original art design made by @Mhx_Air.

(black background so you can see her better)

Lore details and more

I also added some of my own details, such as the watch. I decided to give Flow-Chan a watch so that she can look at it and go “It’s Flowlabbin’ time!” Her belt buckle is made of nanomachines that morph to perform different Flowlabian functions, such as playing the entire Flowlab music library using the behavior editor. The Flow-Chan lore is expanding!

Feel free to celebrate and make more fanart of Flow-Chan, but please do not do whatever it was that caused the original topic to shut down.


Goofy ahh Flow-Chan


Kinda looks like minecraft


Well two people did make Flow-Chan in Minecraft so I’m not all that surprised…

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Hm Ok Sir Shrekinson