💙 Flowlab's Tiktok - Dev. Spotlight @Sup3r87

Hey everyone! Flowlab now has an official Tiktok account if you haven’t heard about it. :blue_heart:
You should check it out and follow it if you are over there. Tell your grandma & dog about it too :smiley:
Flowlab Tiktok Link: https://www.tiktok.com/@flowlab.io

Me and @grazer just posted a

:tada: Developer Spotlight video featuring the all-star @sup3r87 :star:

The developer behind Universal Crumble, Galacdrive, and the winner of the last flowjam!

Cover - Tiktok 3 Screenshot

Go check it out and watch the video here: https://www.tiktok.com/@flowlab.io/video/7170770510501104942?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7122582350454392326

There are already a few other videos there if you want to watch them.
Thanks, and I hope you guys like it :blush:

What do you think of this format?
Comment here or on the video (extra points) about what other devs you think we should feature! :fire: :heart:


Tik Tok? (:pray: to Allah for Flowlab’s future)
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this is really cool, i think you should feature @Greggo as he’s made a lot of really good games


I don’t use Tik tok for a variety of reasons, but it’s good to know that flowlab is expanding on other platforms.

Maybe grazer will use his Instagram account.


I’m gonna cry in a blind fit of rage because of this :sob:


There are lots of flowlab devs that deserve interviews; excited to see this turn into an actual series :smiley:

Also to all the memers, I don’t use tiktok, flowlab is just expanding their platform and trying to reach people. I’m not a fan of short form content, but you do need to keep up with the times (can’t believe I’m saying this at 17 years old lmao) to stay relevant.

Also also, check out the other videos, especially the shattering steel one. Pizza is a pretty good video editor!


Flowlab theme slowed and reverbed will play in hell with me. I do not wish to associate with Chinese spyware. With all due respect grazer and others, I hope Flowlab finds a better home than that rotten place.


Flowlab has a twitter, discord, facebook and instagram as well. it’s more like a branch, not a home. But yeah I’m aware of tiktok’s questionable antics, trust me I tell about it to my little sis a little too much xD.


Yes. And this is why I think that Tik Tok should be dropped from the roster. The last thing I want is for my favorite game dev software to become like Blizzard Entertainment and support the horrible actions of West Taiwan.


maybe these videos could be published on youtube shorts aswell because flowlab already has more than 1k subs on youtube


Hey @117JOJO , I think you are pushing it a bit too far. You made your point, and as Super said, Flowlab has all the other social media accounts. If this one isn’t for you, it’s okay :heart: No need to be so negative towards us. Helpful feedback is always welcome tho
Flowlab isn’t gonna turn into blizzard btw don’t worry


Ok now, I get you can have opinions of a platform but pushing it with “be greater” is a bit much.
I do agree that these videos should expand to medias for more availability and more users such as yourself. But please keep your negative opinions off of (any) medias such as the forums.

My opinion response

I’m just saying, you see what Tiktok is and who its runned by that forces their regulations onto the app. You should also check out the data google has on you and who they sell it to. Facebook has been selling private information and has had several lawsuits on it. Imma just say this, if you have an account anywhere online, your information is already sold. It’s much worse if you look more into the rabbit whole and cybersecurity.


very well made! I’m excited to see more videos on the account


It’s not about the spyware, mostly because any online website will sell your information regardless of what platform it’s on.

Last time I checked tik toks the content was mostly teenage girls doing their thing and I never really bothered with it.
Other than poor content, (which I’m sure they probably changed up by now) I’m sure tik tok is another free way of advertising flowlab to the public since it ranges from a huge variety of countries.


Ok guys. I realized my mistake but still hate tik tok for life and to the grave. However,

This brings yet another problem. What if Tik Tokers who discover Flowlab through tik tok ruin the positive nice community of Flowlab? I watched a video called the “The Tumbr Exodus” and in it, the YouTuber talked about how people fled from Tumblr because of some controversy and that’s why Twitter and Reddit are as bad as they are now. What if a similar thing happens here? Our banned users count would skyrocket, and children, families, and schools, will no longer be able to come here for Flowlab help and discussion. At least Twitter should be alright for Flowlab to advertise on because due to the platform’s size, you could say that the number of horrible people is equal to the number of normal people. The same cannot be said for Tik Tok, which is very horrible overall.

TL; DR, Tik Tok users can pollute the Flowlab community with severe negativity.

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Dude just stop already, you are objectifying everyone who uses tiktok with your own image of what they are. There are creators on Tiktok for every genre and will probably will show it to mostly the game dev genre, which is generally a small nice group of people inside Tiktok. You can hate the platform all you want but don’t categorize a group of people into your own image of them. That is the exact same mindset of the people you despise.

No matter who appears on this site, they will follow the same rules and talk to the same people. Even if Twitter, Tiktok, Newgrounds, or Youtubers start coming in here, the Admins will keep the forums in check like we have been doing for the years already. This also applies to you.

TL; DR, Don’t be a Twitter user about hating Twitter Users.



Okay Flowlab is safe

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The full Dev. Spotlight illustration with Morton the monkey action figure :laughing:


i do hope this gets posted as a short soon because i can’t view it on tiktok due to it being blocked and would not like to download tiktok either way

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Is this some sort of interview? This must be Flowlab Daily News or something.

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