Fly without turning off gravity

i am trying to make my character fly without turning off gravity because that would mess up the game heere is the link-Flowlab Game Creator - New Game please help asap.

You can just make the character not have gravity if you want.

Also another common thing done is to make the character not affected by gravity, then use a Motor to constantly push the character done, giving the effect of gravity. Then you could just turn the Motor off when you want to fly.

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could you give me an example so i can copy and paste it, I am not very good at coding and i am kind of confused, thank you.

When I have a chance I’ll try to make one :+1:

thank you, I appreciate it!

Just remembered this example. This example isn’t for flying, but shows how you can make your own gravity with the Motor behavior

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thanks, but that is flipping the gravity, not turning off. Do you think you could turn gravity off without turning it off? please use an example, thanks.

Instead of changing the motor to push the player upwards, you get just set it to 0

thanks that helped a lot!!!