Flying Characters

(Please excuse my name, my nephew really likes Minecraft.)

So my nephew really enjoys superhero games, and I sort of wanted to make a superhero game where he could be different characters and follow the storyline of superhero movies. So one of the characters, Iron Man, is supposed to fly. What I did was disable gravity for him but the problem is he can fly from side to side and up. I just can’t figure out a way for him to be able to fly down. If anyone could help, I’m sure me and my nephew would greatly appreciate it.

Well, it should be exactly the same as moving up, but using positive numbers instead of negative.

Post a link to the game so I could take a look at it.

P.S. I know how that feels XD


and thats it
how to make an non-gravity-affected flying character

oh by the way you dont need to put animations

and you can changue the speed by changuing the numbers

Thank you PixelPizza!

Here is the link, I think I made it too hard. This is the wrong thread, but any feedback?

It is pretty bad, and I don’t know if instructions are clear enough, so any mistakes please point out. For level two, use C to kick down the door.

@Minecraft=Life hey there, i was checking out your game and i was looking at the sprites and i made some of my own because im bored. ill put them in this so you can look at them, you don’t have to use them in your game if you dont want to, its your decision, i only did them because i was bored. :smile:
Anyways here they are:
also might wanna zoom in on them because they are only 32x32 srry