Flying enemy
I am trying to make the plane to follow the player when he gets to close but the enemy acts weird.

Its maybe a bug :confused:

I think you will like this a bit more. Enjoy :slight_smile:
(Edit the speed velocity to whatever you like, and add in flip if you don’t like barrel rolls.)
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The timer is set to 10 on repeat forever.

I can’t figure out how to make it right so it won’t barrel role.

There’s a formula using extractors to get it to flip… hold on. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

Idk, I guess don’t use my idea.


Here is a different approach. It is a little bit more complicated than Mhx’s, but I think it my be more like what you want:

Oh yeah, he was trying to do that, but he was doing it slightly wrong.
I forgot about that tutorial.

The method I chose is a bit tricky - it isn’t super obvious how you can compare the two positions (I just subtract them, and then check to see if the difference is greater or less than zero)

The bad part is it is 3D RR.GOA’s game is 2D :confused:

It’s still 2D. An RPG just doesn’t use gravity.

oh, okay!