Flying Pots - GMTK GameJam entry

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Hey, this is really cool - I like the pot throwing :slight_smile:

I tested the PC version, and it’s really laggy for me as well. I need to dig further, but at first glance it seems like the music is what’s causing the lag for some reason? I’m not sure though, since that doesn’t make any sense.

I’ll let you know when I find out more.

I remember music lagging the game was reported before. Not sure though.

Thanks, grazer.
Added a gif showing the best part of the game

Ok, so I spent some more time to dig deeper into exported app performance. The first step was to build for Mac so I could profile more easily.

As it turns out, audio is not a problem, it seems like the issue is rendering - the software rendering fill rate in particular. This is pretty much what I expected, and makes a lot more sense.

The good news is that I need to make some renderer changes anyway in order to support the change over from flash to html5, so I’ll be fixing this relatively soon.

The other good news is that since I needed a Mac version anyway, I went ahead and added a Mac export option to the site. I haven’t done a ton of testing on Mac since I just added it a few minutes ago, but it seems to work generally ok. The performance is about the same as Windows, it seems.

This was really fun! Great work PixelPizza! I hope Mark gave it a good score!

Thanks @BitWit

And yeah I forgot to post the score, I was placed at the #68 place of 1,100 entries with a 4.1/5 raw score.