Following NPCS

I Want to make a Friendly Npc, Not An Enemy That Chases Me, But a Npc The You Can Hire Or Lure that Will Follow You At A Distance and Not Rub All Over You Like an Enemy. (P.s. I Only Need the part that makes em follow behind PLAYER)
@“JR 01” or @TinkerSmith Could You Help

Side scroller or top down?

top down probally

@TinkerSmith Top Down

I made new example recently that should help with this. You could spawn behind the player instead of on the player.

Fallow example:

@“JR 01” Nice Example, But How Would I Make It Friendly and Top Down

It works the same, the npc follows exactly where the player goes. You can offset it to follow behind the player.

Also look at Iv.2 in that example, It’s top down.

I Cant find how to make it offset.

Perhaps the player could spawn the trail behind him instead of on the tile he’s on.

Yes i See, That Would Work

How would a adjust it for multiple npcs

You would need to make multiple trails for different npc’s, just know this isn’t made for that.
It’s good for a few ally’s and mimic enemy. If you need a simpler (and not exact) chase, I advise my chase example.

Chase Example:

This Chase Example Works